I haven't been able to get a girlfriend for quite some time despite being very good looking?

Hey guys. I haven't been able to get a girlfriend for almost 2 years despite being very good looking (not exaggerating.. that's what pisses me off so much more). I used to be very popular in high school maybe because I used to be the lead guitarist for the band and I always got approached first then 😅. I was in relationship with a girl who I was very much in love with but that ended due to circumstances. And maybe due to that I became somewhat introvert. But still got good looking women quite easily. Came college, and I stopped playing and got very serious for my career. Now I'm 21 and have a very good job, but I can't seem to figure out what the problem is. I'm 5'11. Thin, but not skinny either. And in general I'm a really nice guy, and anyone would be lucky to have me... I see so many good looking women with so many not even average looking dudes and it really pisses me off. Help guys!


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  • Well, do you actually approach women? If not, then the reason why you're still single is quite obvious...


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  • are you trying? or expecting them to throw themselves at the mercy of your helm

    • I guess I don't try. Maybe I have lost the confidence to talk to women 😓

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    • it's usually tough when you absolutely have no idea who the person is and your only options seem like a cold approach.

      it's easier if say, you both have the same class, that way you can talk to her in class and get her number.

      but say it was a complete random encounter, cold approach with confidence is your best shot. and TBH man, it works a lot more often than people give credit for, you just gotta be confident, be straight with her, and see what happens. if she's nice she'll politely take it as a compliment but say no thanks or tell you she already has a boyfriend. that will happen I'm sure, so don't let it dissuade you from doing it, just keep trying.

    • Thanks a lot man! Yeah I will try.. and keep on trying 😁