Are dominant girls common or not?

I consider myself to be a beta male and I was wondering if dominant girls are common or rare. Unlike most guys, I would like the woman to make the first move on me and to be the one engage me in things.

It seems like most of the dominant women I am interested in are lesbians, so are there by any chance girls who are dominant but are also straight? Are they common or are they extremely rare?


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  • I'm rather dominant in general life because I've found it immensely important in order to get what you want but I'm not really looking for that in a relationship. I want someone equally sassy who can counter me and isn't a dormat (which is extremely rare tbh) so we can be bossy & rule the universe together lol


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  • There's some dominate females out there. Most just act this way In hopes others will think they are. I'm sure you'll get this action if you are patient.


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