Is it wrong to miss a guy, I just rejected?

Okay so, this guy and i have been friends for three years.. He is my first boy best friend.. I met him in the beginning pf freshmen year, and I thought hmm.. he is not that bad, so i kinda had a thing to him. But as the year goes by and suddenly he have a girlfriend.. and i was like "okay maybe its not really meant to be" so we stayed friends.. 3 years later. This is after his girlfriend broke up with him. That he started acting differently around me.. and i was like there is something wrong and i need to find out because its been bugging me.. then i ask one of my other girl best friend and she confirmed that the guy likes me and such.. so, my instincts was like no this can't happened, so i started ignoring him for like 4 whole months. (This is really confusing) after 4 months of not talking to him.. i realize that i did made mistakes, he was willing to wait and just wanted to stay friends for now. So i was like why not and started to talking to him again, after apologizing.. then aftrr like a month or so. He would act like we are together and would start getting jealous over some guys i talk to at school, so i would get annoyed and would ignore him for like a day.. Anyways. Hos birthday came and my family and i went to his house to celebrate it with the rest of his family.. we had fun and all. Then the next day, while i was at work, he texted me this long ass message saying that "i don't like talking to him and how i have been pretending to like him too and how i should have straight up told him that i dont like him." So i answered " okay fine if thats what you want, i never really believed that you can wait for me. This is real life and not some tv show where a guy waits for the girl and boom happy ever after. This is the reality where none of that happens. Eventually the guy will find someone and leave the girl behind." Then he answered. " i can still wait for you, and how he will accept my imperfections." I couldnt really respond after that bc my phone.


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  • No it's not wrong to feel that way. I mean if he is your best friend then he has been a part of your life for a significant amount of time

    • Yea.. i know.. its just he stopped talking to me.. unfollowed and unfriended me on IG and facebook.. I don't know. What to think or do.. i just miss talking to him.

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    • Hahaha.. no problem.. its all good. I made my decision thanks to you.. haha.. i decide to end it in a good way and apologize. The best thing i should do.. lol.

    • Well I'm glad you were able to make the best decision for yourself ❤️ Hope everything works out for the best for you miss!

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