Should I move on from this girl?

I really like her, and I'm really good friends with her, her sister, and her sister's boyfriend. She thinks I'm really funny, and really nice, and we Snapchat all the time.
But she went to homecoming with someone else. They're not necessarily "dating," and she told me that her date was really quiet at homecoming, so I don't know how that's gonna pan out. Anyway, I'm just wondering, should I move on, or should I keep going after, her? Because I really do like her a lot, and I think we'd be great together. (My parents jokingly said so too, not knowing that I like her.)


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  • Just ask her man. Literally any place that it is only you 2, tell her you. like her and that you want to be with her. Or you could try dating but. i find that weird.

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