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Online intercultural relationship, am I doing the right thing?

Hello, I am a 17 year old girl and I've been in an online relationship for 4 months now (we were online gaming friends before and we took our friendship to a next level...)

anyway, he is (brace yourself) a 24 year old guy living in Pakistan (I'm in Canada). Before everyone gets judgmental, we are talking to each other everyday, mostly by cam. He doesn't really "act his age" and I am more mature and serious than him (he has ADHD).
Both of us a virgins (he is Muslim so he has to wait till marriage)
I really trust him, and he really trusts me… he is very kind, attractive in a nerdy way :P also very sensitive… :(
but we have a lot of fun to together and just recently I realized how happy I was with him… (I wanted to break up a few times before)

Problem is… I don't know if I'm doing the right thing.. or I am just desperate... I think I truly love this guy, he shows me a lot of affection and kindness... he has an innocent mind so very easy to manipulate... I am afraid I'm being crazy... that I shouldn't date this guy... even if I feel happiness and joy everytime we talk (he's the one staying up all night for me when I'm going through my day) I hate having doubts about this... I find nothing wrong or off about him... he is easy to read and I can see that he is more in love with me than I am… I know that online relationships are bad... but I don't wan't to break up... we are planning to meet in 3 years (if everything goes right with my study in IT) he will be visiting don't worry!

I know its a very long post but I wanted to make sure you have enough details, I need to know if I am making a mistake.. that maybe my feelings for him are pure delusions or craziness...
I mean.. we have 6 years between us (I am 18 at the end of this month)/we are very far away from each other/he's Muslim, I'm atheist…
I never had luck with irl relationships even if I work out and I'm not unnattractive, just very introverted…!!!

Thank you for your time. <3
Online intercultural relationship, am I doing the right thing?
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