Am I just a plan b to her?

I went to a concert with a female friend she didn't know the band but went anyways I don't know why she wasn't really into it but we went out to dinner before hand and while we really click very well she was telling me that she still texts her ex boyfriend who abused her by the way he lives across the country and she said he has a new girlfriend and she's upset there is something there between us but she has a hang up about relationships then at the concert i said i was going to post a status she she said don't tag me in it i asked why and she wouldn't answer but then she's snapchatting selfies of us i dont know what this girl wants it seems like she is hot and cold with me all the time like she can't make up her mind i'm getting sick of it i love her and she's very important to me but i dont know what to do about her she asked to come over and meet my sister and nephew this weekend am i a plan b to her or what?


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  • 1. she's not over her EX.

    2. Not girlfriend material. Girl is fucked in the head if she is still swooning over a guy who abused her.

    3. She does not want to be tagged in a relationship status with you because she's not over her EX.

  • you're a friend.