Erm, is he really serious about getting married?

we have been dating since 15 and im 18, 4 years relationship, when i was 16 he said he would marry me and i was like er wut?
at first i didn't beileve but we dated so long, he literally has imagine a future tgt and hving children. i mean yea its cute i'd wanna marry him too but I don't know if its realistic tho?

  • nah, he just playing
  • yes he is
  • too single to answer
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  • That's what my parents did. My dad was 18 and my mom 15 when they started dating... They get married right after his 22nd birthday when she just graduated high school at 18. I come along 11 months later and am baptized on their first anniversary. Married 41 years until my dad died.

  • Most teen marriages wind up in divorce anyway


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