Did I make a mistake?

We have been on 2 days, both were terrific. Last night he asked me what I was up to,
I said I was out to grab a coffee.
He said, I could use a tea.
So I asked him if he wanted to join me? He said yes.

When I get to the cafe, I told him that my friend was inside watching his football match, and asked if he didn't mind meeting him. He said it was alright. They eventually meet and all seems fine until the guy I was dating had to leave since he had an early start for work. I left with him and he ended up paying for our table's check. And he dropped me home and gave me a hug.

Did I make a mistake introducing him to my friends too soon?

*2 dates


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  • Nah, it sounds like things went just fine. As long as it is not the first date and in a casual setting, it's fine to meet friends. And it might even be a plus in your relationship in moving things forward. It shows him that you think he is important enough to meet with the people that are important to you.

    Only issue that could be a possibility is that he could get jealous of your male friend, but if anything, that will make him try harder to win you over. Best of luck on your future dates!

    • Oh alright, just got me hesitant for a minute because I've never introduced any of the guys I have dated before. Plus if he wouldn't offer to pay for all our tab if he wasn't interested in me or enjoyed himself right? Or was he just simply being a gentleman?

    • Totally. I would take him paying as a sign that he is still interested and enjoyed himself. I mean, if he is paying for some dude's tab, then he is definitely interested! :)

    • Phew! Alright, thanks a bunch for your opinion. You have no idea how much I appreciate it.

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  • My boyfriend made me meet his parents on the FIRST date and his friends a few dates on. I felt it was strange but at the end, I had strong feelings for him so I overlooked it and it didn't impact me. If he has feelings for you, it shouldn't be a train smash or dealbreaker.


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  • it was a casual meet, not like you all went to dinner so i wouldn't stress


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