What do I do? Does he like me? Is there a chance?

Everything was going so great in the beginning! He was the one who pursued me. We talked about everything, about exes and he told me he was over his. But they did break up only a month and a half before then. We were inseparable for a few days, we had so much attraction and a great connection. So ofcourse I really started to like him. But then when we met up for dinner one night after spending the whole morning together with friends, he was standoffish and different.. he told me he was trying not to kiss me and that he was still not over his ex, which came out of nowhere! We didn't really talk much for the next month. Until a two weeks ago he showed up to the bar. I was cordial with him but didn’t pay much attention to him. But he couldn’t keep away from me. He kept coming over to me and talking to me and being flirty. He followed me around all night. He also told me he wants to spend more time with me.. And at the end of the night he tried to walk me home but I refused.. I do like him and spending time with him. But Im not going to be a rebound or just sleep with him. We have mutual friends so were going to see each other. And when he does this stuff like flirt with me it gets Confusing! I saw yesterday and there's clearly still a connection, we're drawn towards eachother. He was being flirty again. Whenever I see him I still do have feelings and that connection is still definitely there.. I try to resist it, then just end up getting frustrated that I do! Am I just an idiot if I try to go for him? What would I even do at this point? Could I go back to how it was in the beginning.. how does he feel?


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  • Easy to long. Didn't read, a guy likes you by how much he making moves. Is he hugging, where? Does his hand slide down? Does he text you? How often? Why? Does he find ways to talk to you? About what? Is it informative? What is his plans for you? Did he ask you out? Is he making sure your communication is open with him? a lot of questions but just think. The more he put forth the effort every month or less the more you know he likes you.

    • Ya every time we're with friends we always end up with eachother, talking sitting next to eachother. His friend kissed me on the check goodbye and he was like 'wheres my kiss, I want one'. After he told me two months ago he wasn't over his ex, I backed off. I stopped talking to him and messaging him. Then when he showed up at the bar he wouldn't stay away. Our communication is definitely open when we see eachother. He put into so much effort in the beginning then I don't know what happend. After he told me he wasn't over his ex, I said we should just be friends. So where we stand I have no idea. I still like him, I have been trying to move on but every time I see him I can't help but have feelings again uh what do I do

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    • Not going to wait but I don't want to be a rebound either. So what do i do? Ask him to hang out?

    • Definitely still want to get to know him better and just have fun with him! Not even sure what I want with him. But want to try

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