Not a priority ever?

I have dated this guy for 6 months and I feel like although I am ready to make all the effort in the relationship, there is nothing from his side.
he can still go days without speaking to me and does not care if we meet or not. He texts/calls and make plans only when I initiate them and generally just assumes that I would be around whenever he wants to meet. He is studying for some exams and I give him space for that but it bothers me that he has time for everything else but when it comes to us meeting, he is always studying or busy with something else.
He is also moody and some days he is nice to me and I let everything else go then but the days he is in a bad mood, it reflects in every conversation that we have. I am really tired of pulling the whole weight of the relationship and I love him but I have started feeling that I deserve more.
wouldn't a guy in a serious relationship at least want to touch base once in a week and make some time for me no matter how busy his schedule is? Or is this me expecting too much?


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  • Perhaps for him, its too much.

    For many other guys, it wouldn't be.

    If you really like him and believe this is temporary because of a schedule that WILL change, maybe suck it up. Otherwise I'd move on.

    Personally, even when buried in work,. i'd still want affection and sex and some emotional connection close to daily.


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  • If I were in your position I'd reconsider the relationship. It doesn't sound like he's putting that much of an effort.


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  • I am sorry to tell you this, but he is keeping you on the side. After 6 months you have a right to be a priority and he should feel that way too. Dump him and move on.

  • after six months i dont think your wrong to expect more/better. if you aren't happy and he doesn't step up you know what you need to do

    • he was pretty okay in the middle and then bam suddenly everything changed. I have already spoken to him and asked him if something is wrong but according to him everything is going great with us. so I really do not know what else I can talk to him about. Also when I bring up this topic he tells me that I am over analysing.

    • well in that case you have tried and he has dismissed your point so i suggest you dismiss him and find some one who makes you happy

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