My girlfriend is taking her friend on holiday and didn't even invite me but it seems like she has been distracted by her friends a lot lately?


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  • have you met her friend? are you sure it's a girl? lol

    • Yeah I have been dating her for 2 years I'm in my last year of school now and her friend and I had a fight recently and I wonder if this is not her way of taking her side

    • well since you and her friend don't like each other that's why she isn't inviting both of you. maybe she feels it's more appropriate with her friend. maybe they had already planned this, I don't know..

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  • how long r u and our girlfriend together? and if for a long time r u the always together all day all night couple or more casual?
    it matters... cus if your together for a long time and u guys are all mushy and all day all night maybe she wants some alone time with her friends or maybe her friend felt left out a little while she's in a relationship then she's making it up to her and inviting her on vaca or if u guys r more casual but and together for a long time then maybe she just wants friend time or time for her to be more free and not stressed what to wear how to act u know girls next to guys have to be tip top on the other hand if u guys are not together for long then maybe she's just taking it slow and is not ready for vaca together with u
    it doesn't mean that she's being distant... that's what i think


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