How to stop being a psycho girlfriend and not loose the love of my life? Help?

I've been with my boyfried for 2 and a half years now, we've been very close thought this the whole of our relationship we are eachother a lot and act like bestfriends as well a couple. He really is perfect but me on the other hand, I get way too jealous and protective and paranoid. Most recently I had deleted a new member of his friends list because I didn't like the look of her or liked the look too much she seemed very nice and extreamly pretty and my man had liked a photo of her or 2.. I must have felt threatened and insecure by her but there I want and deleted his new friend who happened to be a new collegue, she asked him why he deleted her a month later and thats how he found out. I don't want to feel like that and i don't want to loose him because I turn psycho every now and then. Can you help?


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  • It is really a decision. You make a conscious decision to stop acting like a clingy girlfriend and then you work on yourself. Whenever you feel tempted to act on your emotions, you resist, take a breath and express yourself in a mature composed way. Ask yourself if what you are doing is acceptable, if you are truly justified and what the outcome or effect will be. Write it out if you have to. It's a impulse you have that you must simply get out of and that will come with practice <3

  • Your subconscious is acting out. Think about what you want. If you're insecure about what he does that's not going to change. Having him reassure you is just words.