What I should do after a shy girl comes over to my desk to talk?

I'll start from the begining, I am 19 and this year I started an Art course at a Collage. The furst week I noticed this girl wasn't talking to anyone, I figured she was shy so I started talking to her now and again. I sort of like her and have been think of a way to say or show her without making her uncomfortable. Today I talked to her abit before the end of class, then when the conversation ended I went back to my desk to pack. After Class ended and I was about to leave she came over to my desk and stopped for a second sort of just looking at my desk and when I turned around she said hi, when I said hi back she paused a second then quickly pointed to some of my work and said, "I was just making sure mine was better than yours".
I know she didn't mean anything bad by saying it and we talked a bit more. I want to know a few things. First, does this mean that she likes me? Second, should I ask her out properly, or just ask to do something small like ask to walk her home?


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  • It's a joke lol
    It could be her way of flirting though.

    • That's the first joke she has ever made since I've known her, and she sounded serious.

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    • And the weird thing is that I'm a girl and I can't even help you out 😂

    • And I'm sad because I really wanted a girl who is shy to tell me what she would be think and what she would like if that were her.

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  • With shy women it is hard to tell but her frantic comment about hers being better than yours does talk about her personality a lot. She probably thought that she thinks your cute and wanted to talk to you but almost chickened out. Keep talking with her for a few days see if you like her and if you do then ask her out. Don't worry if she likes you or not. It is not really food to think that way cause you just won't know. The more success full players don't care what the girl thinks cause it does not matter to them they will change their minds. Act like that if she does not like you now she will if you ask her out.
    I'm truing to notice if my shy friend likes me and I just can't tell.


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  • First off, you over thinking the situation. Secondly, she probably does, but like I said DO NOT OVER THINK IT!! Been there some that, and it's not a good road to go down. Just keep talking to her and get her comfortable talking to her. Start off by trying to do a little 'walk and talk' after class.

  • Make her feel welcomed comfortable play it slow don't do nothing to make her feel uncomfortable etc.

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