Online Dating: he says he likes me, but then doesn't get back to me. Am I looking too much into this?

Met a guy through online dating; we message every week. He makes comments about how he should get into cooking since I like it (he brags a lot, too). He also apologized for how long it took him to get back to me (usually 2-4 days) since he's a poor time manager. He said that he wanted to Skype; I said I would think about it. After that, he vanished. A month later, he gets responds with a HUGE apology: (I had to cut to fit)

I shouldn't have left like that. I have no excuse; I just walked away. I'll be honest, I like you. I'd like to move this forward, actually start getting to know you. I wanted to Skype you; you wanted to think about it, then you never got back to me (which I took as no). That bothered me. I admit, it's hard for me to talk to a screen very often for very long, but I want to know that you're taking this seriously. I want to move forward, but I feel like you really don't. That bothers me. A lot.
I should’ve told you how I was feeling. But I didn't want to rock the boat. I like you; I enjoy talking to you. I didn't want to scare you off by moving too fast. But I reacted wrongly. I've been so busy trying not to make you nervous that I haven't been honest with you. So I'm being honest with you now, and asking for your forgiveness. And if you are willing to forgive me, I'd like to keep building this relationship, and move forward together.

So 3 days later I say: I appreciate your apology. It’s admirable to come clean and admit you handled a situation poorly. I was unnerved that you wanted to Skype so quickly, but I understand you can’t get to know someone through words. I accept your apology; I’m ready for more than just black and white conversation. I forgive you. Have you seen pictures of me?

He hasn't gotten back to me in 4 days. Was I not clear and he's like, "forget it"? Is he just busy, or does he not like me as much as he said? Was I too needy in sending the message only 3 days later after he vanished for a month?


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