Dating while being 27 y. loser and getting shit together late in life?

Okey girls, I am 27 years old guy and in current state I am a loser in terms of social norms.

1) I will get my major degree next month being 27 years old, but I should get it 3 years ago.

2) I have never really worked in my life for real (rich parents, thanks) and I am struggling to find a job. I am still searching stationary job to be financially independent from my parents. However I got a remote work for new magazine (streetwear and popculture topics), I am quite passionate and excitement about it, but there are low earnings. However it's good as hobby and an extra income. Also I have a lot of dreams and ideas to found my own company or create a job.

3) I have never been in long term relationship. However I had few 2-3 months short relationships and one night stands, so I have some experience. But still I don't know how to live in long term relationship with anyone.

4) I don't drive a car. I got a driver license 3 years ago, but I was forcing myself to do it, because I don't want to be percieved as a loser. I am not interested in cars and I don't need to drive.

5) I have extremely boring/introverted lifestyle, but I don't need to change it. I like it. I love reading blogs/books/magazie, collecting a lot of stuff, watching youtube, watching wrestling, reading comic books, going to cafe or to club (I love dancing to hip-hop music). But I don't travel or have any "interesting" active passions. Unfortunetly girls want a guy who has exciting lifestyle. I am able to accept boring girl. Really ;)

So should I stop dating? It's irony but I am not afraid of attractive girls and I approach them if I am really atrracted to them, but after weeks/month they see I am not that "good catch", so f**k them ;). However I am freakin late bloomer and I am still in progress of getting my shit together. Maybe I will be ready at 35, but I don't want to waste my last years of youth for being still single.

Your opinions? ;)

by the way. I am also balding and I have weird shape of head to be bald (I tested it 3 years ago), so I am forced to get a hair transplant. Is it a deal breaker (hair transplant)?


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  • Stay single...๐Ÿ˜‰seriously just do what you feel like doing... dont Fanny dating because girls think your not good enough dont... screw them...๐Ÿ˜Š

    • Are these things dealbreaker for you?

      Do you think I have a chance to solve this issues?

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    • Does it mean I am loser for a now?

    • No... who said the choice of staying single makes you a looser? you just like your freedom...๐Ÿ˜Š

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  • The most amazing thing about your post is that you realize you're a shitty catch. Most guys like you think that there's absolutely nothing wrong with being a jobless loser. That said, I've seen plenty women who put up with loser guys so I don't think you should give up on dating, however you definitely should concentrate on your career to get things going.

    And about "wasting" your youth, I'm not even sure what that means. You'll be fine so long as you keep moving forward. Also, about the balding thing... I think you should try shaving completely bald even with the weird head shape. I don't know much about hair transplants but they always look kind of greasy and fake to me.

    • Yeah, I like when a guys are first to give his opinion...

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    • Thanks for you comments!

      Unfortunently I can't change my fucked up past, but I do what i can right now!

      Could you answer all my 6 points,? I would like to get more detailed thoughts

      PS. However this broken guys still somehow gets girlfriend? How do they do it? ;D

    • You know, I don't know how those guys do it because unfortunately, women who date loser guys don't ever disclose what drives them to do it. Like while they're dating the guy, they make excuses for him and only once they break up do the complaints surface. Anyway, your points:

      1) Keep working on that degree. Not sure what else to say here, but it will definitely make you more attractive.

      2) Yeah, get a job and if possible, find a way to turn your passions into something that makes money. Have money seriously helps with dating because while women don't always admit it, they love a guy who both plans and pays for dates. Never do the "So what do you want to do?" thing.

      3) Learning how to do a long-term relationship is just something you'll have to do on your own. It's not hard, everyone does it.

      4) It doesn't matter if you think you don't need to drive. Get a car, get comfortable with driving so she doesn't have to

      5-6) I'm near the 1000 character limit so this is the end. ;-)

  • 27 years old is not "late in life"...