Don't understand this man and probably never will. Why do some guys ask you out for a date/meeting and then don't do jack shit about it?

I know this happens to men as well. I met this guy and we had a fun time talking to one another, he said he wanted to meet me and talk while eating and drinking a beer. I said sure thing. The first time he wanted immediately the next day and well I couldn't because it was my fathers birthday... the next time we agreed that it would be Monday (yesterday) and I texted him yesterday asking if he was still up for meeting me. He said he was travelling back into the city... it was stupid and fucked up considering that he chose that day. How in earth was I supposed to know he was travelling. He said we were going to meet again and at that point I simply pulled the plug and said its not going to happen this week cause I am actually a busy person.

I was interested but now that he cannot accommodate to my time and draws a hissyfit of passive aggressive crap I don't want to see him or date him or have anything to do with him.

so why do some men propose stuff and not follow through on what they say?


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  • I feel like in a lot of situations like these, they have a better option. Not saying you are a bad option, just that he prob had a chance to get laid or something like that. I call BS on "having to travel into the city" because if he knew ahead of time, he wouldn't have made a date w/you and if he really wanted a date w/you, he would pull all the stops to go out w/you. This way he was able to wiggle out of a date w/you w/out looking like a flake. Guys have done this to me and I do not put up w/it, unless the situation was a family emergency. I was talking to a guy online, we set up a potential date, then he tells me he had to move that day. Moving isn't something you find out last minute, I deleted his # and never replied to him. When you date, you will come across a lot of flakes.


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  • hahahaha i really like your title.

    those guys that do that, they're usually expecting you to follow up/bring it up

    • Sorry I'm dense in the world of male language... drop everything including my father's Bday to see him?

    • nah that'd be a crazy bold move on him to expect that from you.

      maybe things didn't go the way he expected and he got butthurt, which is funny because that would be so stupid if he did. so then he continued to not say shit about it and just be like.. meh.. *cold shoulder*

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