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I'd like this guy for about eight months on and off and I haven't done anything about it because I didn't want to interrupt my friends' crushes too. Apparently, he liked me for a longer period of time and just yesterday did I find out. Yet I know that one of my friends is kind of obsessed with him or desperate and I don't want to hurt her feelings if I do something about the mutual feelings we have for each other. I don't know if I should put guys over friends? This friends has many fling crushes, only now do I think she really needs a guy that she likes. She talks about him everyday and cannot stop communicating with him. She shows a lot jealousy towards people who likes him and people he likes. The crush this guy has on me might be a little public but she denies it, obviously. What should I do? I like him a lot and tries to back away so my friend can have him for a little while. He talks about his misery that we never talk anymore with another of my friend. I don't know what I should do. Do something about this long time crush or put my friends crush feelings first?


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  • Put yours first.


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