My ex boyfriend ruined a potential relationship with a guy I really liked. Is it worth it to even try to fix things? What would you guys do?

So everything was going great with a guy, we had hung out a few times and he had finally asked me out on a real date, just the two of us. The day of the date came and he ghosted me... I haven't heard from him in over two weeks and in that two weeks I have sent two text messages with no reply. I was so confused and hurt and didn't know what happened... and then someone told me my ex (who is crazy) had lied to the guy and told him we were still talking. Should I text the guy I was dating again and ask him about it, or should I just let it go? I mean after all he ghosted me without even asking if what my ex told him was true.

Thanks everyone! I was leaning towards just letting it go because it is shitty that he just blindly trusted my ex when I was really good to him. Now I am definitely going to let it go and I feel okay about it. Dating in the modern world is so crazy.


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  • The new guy doesn't sound much better than the old guy. Ghosting is cruel. And if he's taking your jealous ex's word at face value, he's a dumbass, too. It's good that you found out early! I'd say let it go.

    • Update: Good for you, and good luck finding happiness!

    • Thank you for MHO. More importantly, best wishes for a happy future!

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  • Good for you.

    I had a girl break up with me, we dated for more than a year, because she thought I was cheating, but refused to tell me at the time why she broke it off.

    A year later she tied to get back together with me because she had "forgiven" me. But I didn't do anything and she wouldn't talk to me at the time.

    So I let her know that I had never cheated on her and I was no longer interested in her.

  • Uhh... how would your ex be able to contact him?

    • We all are from the same town and they are friends on facebook. I live in a small town.

    • Well then the other guy sounds like a loser for trusting your ex.

  • Call him and have him know he merely heard false rumours.


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  • If you're really that nervous and would help things, yes. Get clarity.