Is she worthy of my time or not?

I've recently been getting a little closer to this girl. She is great. Everything about her.

I'm definitely diggin' her.

Long story short I can't tell if she actually likes me or not. Its ridiculous. For example, she says she wants to hang out but whenever I suggest a time or place she is mysteriously busy. Its happened more than once. Frequently actually.

When we do manage to hang out she has a habbit of completely ditching me to hang out with friends. We will be in the middle of something and then she'll say, "Oh so and so wants to hang out. I'm going to go." Again, happened more than once.

I'll send her subtle but blatant signals like "worked today sucked, my back hurts, come give me a shoulder rub :)" I don't literally expect her to but she could say something nice instead of "No thank you!" and then go and completely change the subject. You may think this is because she is a shy person, however she is one of the least shy girls I've ever met. Very open about anything.

She does show some physical interest when we hang out though, ex: playing with my hands, rubbing my head, etc. I'm really about to give up. It seems like it's not worth it at all. Any answers will be appreciated. thanks in advance

Hey thanks guys I appreciate it :) I will definitely be taking your advice :)


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  • I see this all the time with a girl I go to school with. Girls can be very complicated, and what this sounds like is she is just in this because she likes to flirt. The girl that I go to school with will rub and touch a guy or a few guys but won't hang out with them. It sounds like she's just in it for the flirt part, but doesn't want to get into a relationship. If I were you I would find a different, better girl who is much nicer and willing to hang out with you. She's out there somewhere :)


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  • she's not into you and isn't worthy of your time. she's just flirting when she gets into physical contact with you.


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  • She's not interested and she's fickle to boot. Don't let her toy with you. Move on and find another girl who's actually interested