Don't you just hate the waiting game of texting after first date?

I just went on a good date with a girl, I had some positive feedback. My mistake was, that I didn't set up a second date at the end of the first date. I wanted to see if she will reach out to me first the next day to give me sure sign that she liked me more after the first date. We didn't kiss at the end of it. I reached for her and she gave me a hug. So I wasn't too sure if that meant wasn't that into me or just very shy.

The next day she reached out to start a conversation with me over texting telling me that she had a lot of fun on the hang out. I immediately asked her out on a second "hang out" soon over texting, but she dodged the question and changed topic. I decided to talk about other stuff with her for a week to show that I am quite a normal guy, not just trying to score her. But talking too much and not hanging out will get me friend zoned. Now I decided to play the waiting game with her. To see if she will reach out. It has been 3 days.

At this point I wasn't sure if she only sees me as a friend or just want to get to know me better over texting because we met through a mutual friends wedding. She doesn't know a lot about me. But she can hang out to find out.

She's def not an extrovert. And doesn't seem to have large social circles. She has around 150 friends on facebook, and they are overwhelmingly female. She does have a few "cute" guys, so maybe they are reason why she hasn't reached out to me yet. She is decently attractive, I can see other guys would go for her, but I don't think she is out of my league. I may not be the obvious choice at the moment.

On facebook messenger I think we can keep seeing each other active in the last 25 mins sort of thing. Never for like over 2 hours. Which seem to indicate that we might just be wondering when the other person will text first. Or perhaps just dropping quick replies to other suitors.

How do you guys know in a situation like this, if the girl is not very keen or just shy.


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  • Why play games? They're pointless.

    Honestly, it doesn't sound like she's interested. You already brought up hanging out again and she ignored it.

    In the future, if you want her to initiate, be upfront about what you're doing. "When you want to hang out again, you text me and we'll plan something."

  • No. because I don't do that.
    I text the night thanking him again and telling him if I had a good time (if I really did) and we should hang again. Then suggest a place and maybe continue texting if he wants to.

    • so you are saying the girl most likely isn't interested?

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