Why is he so confusing?

This guy I've been dealing with, one minute he acts like he wants a relationship then the next he acts like he just wants sex. I don't understand why he is doing this, and I know he isn't pretending to like me just to get sex because he can get sex from me whenever he wants (he knows that). But then sometimes when I do things like send him nudes, or dirty texts he gets mad about it! Like what? I don't understand. Or he will want me to come spend the night and not have sex but I want too and then he gets mad about me wanting sex. He is so confusing. He told me he doesn't want a relationship 4 months ago so I don't get why he is acting like this. By the way he is a Taurus. I do believe in astrology and I know Taurus males are known for their weird behavior.


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  • He is keeping his options open.
    If a guy is acting confusing, giving mixed signals, it 90% of the time is them not knowing if they want to commit or not.