Jumping into random relationships, how many you've had?

So iam 21 and i have had one girlfriend for 3 months, before the age of 19 my dating life was non existent i didn't have a great sense of fashion like i do now, i didn't have a really cool well trimmed beard, didn't have a cool stylish hair cut like i do now and i was bigger (used to work out) then i met a girl, went out with her and she broke my heart, i changed physically and mentally and started attracting girls like crazy, i can easily walk into a room and think of myself as the hottest dude around, and girls have proved this to me over and over again.

I went on dates with 3 girls in my life , well 4 to be exact even though she was just kinda a hook up even though i talked to dozens, one date with a girl, 3 with another but it got complicated and it never became a full relationship ( she hurt me) and the third became my girlfriend for a while... now plenty of guys and girls seem to be jumping into relationships for the sake of it and i could have easily done that, i met at least 3 or 4 ( iam pretty sure much more existed ) that were interested in me but i never made a move sense it wasn't what i was looking for, i would rather date a girl i truly like and want and commit to her rather than date plenty of girls for the sake of experience, i mean i dated and i know what its like.

So what do you think? date randomly for the sake of experience or save yourself for someone really worthy (assuming you have options of course )


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  • I've "dated" a few guys now but only been in a few select relationships. I always make sure before I commit 100%. I'm in my 4th actual, committed relationship now (however it's debatable on whether 1 one of them counted)


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  • Date randomly. You will learn about yourself and what you want from a relationship, and also about how to treat the other person in a relationship. The experience you gain will make you a better partner and also help you understand what sort of person you should commit to.


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