His friends want to take me to dinner?

we broke up a couple weeks ago but his friends became my friends. for my birthday I said I wanted to go to my fave restaurant and 2 of his friends said they would take me. Is it wrong if I hang out with his friends? He's the one that said he didn't want to see me for a while..


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  • it alright go have a good time injoy your self. yall are not dating so if he gets mad that his fault.

    • K I just don't want him to get mad at his friends. last time we broke up his friend wanted to take me to dinner and he got mad, and gets mad when he would text me. but he's the one that told him he could take me out. he said he only said it cause we weren't together and he didn't wanna limit my options or some bullsh*t idk

  • As long as they are your friends too and you are sure they aren't trying to move in on you it's cool. It in no way breaks "man law" if you hang out with people. Now if you started dating one of them, that might get a little awkward.

    • Will he care though? his best friend was saying he better see me this weekend and wants to hang out (its not like that at all we are just friends) and I said will he care? and he goes prob but he would never tell me

    • He's your ex, he's going to care no matter what you do because he's bitter about the breakup. The best thing for both of you is to just go on with life. Besides, friends are supposed to get mad at each other from time to time. It keeps things in perspective and makes them closer.

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