He gave me his number and then went back to email?

I had been emailing a guy through a dating website. He gave me his number to set uo a date (which due to time conflicts did not happen unfortunately) then after not responding to my last two texts (several days later) began to send me emails through the website again. Why did he go backwards in communication?


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  • Thats really strange. I'm not sure why, the only thing I can think of is that he suddenly change this mind about wanting to text with you. Why? I don't know. You should ask him

    • Well how do you ask someone you don't really know that?

    • You say "You gave me your number to set up a date, but you never responded. And now you're emailing me. Im confused. Is something wrong?"

      Short and to the point.

  • I don't know, you can ask him if he prefers email. I know that I do.

    • See that just seems weird to me. Like is he hiding talking to me from someone you know.

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