How to keep online dating interesting?

So , I was fooling around with this dating website , you know just for fun. And this guy liked my profile. The next day he sends me a message and we've been chatting ever since then. He lives in the states , but at the moment his staying for about 4-5 months in the United Kingdom. We keep in touch almost everyday, due to the time difference. I'm starting to get hung up on this and he seems too ( I think, cause why would you keep chatting with someone on the other side of the world). We swapped facebook accounts too.
Should I wait for him that long , to start dating face to face? How do I keep this interesting?

Should I ask him , if his just looking for sex or something else?


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  • Keep chatting to him as an online friend, it's still valid time spent seeing if he's right for you. It'll still progress the relationship if you end up dating when he gets back.


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  • Ask him out on a date, see what he says. In my experience w/online dating, if a guy interested he will accept, if he isn't, its time to move on.

    • How will I do that online? Ask him to video call/chat, you mean?

    • Yeah, why not? there isn't any risk in just vid chatting. If he says no, move on.

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  • A few months will go by quickly, especially if you keep yourselves busy.

  • Is he worth it? Then wait.


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