Girls, Two Questions Regarding a Girl I'm Interested In. Desperate Teenage Male Needs Your Assistance! (Thanks in advance)?

There's this girl in my class I'm interested in. Absolutely stunning, and 4 leagues above my own. I'm a pretty okay looking guy, I guess, but only just. I thought it impossible for her to even consider noticing me. Nonetheless, it happened. One beautiful and shining day, I was helping my friend with his work, having a good time, making a few laughs, the works. Out of nowhere, this girl catches my attention, and with a smile on her face, exclaims, "You're soo cute!" (like the tone you'd take when you see an adorable kitten, or a pup, something of the like) I, being a lame duck, replied with a suave "Thanks?" She then giggled and continued on with her work, as if nothing happened. Once I got home, it was straight to the computer, scouring the depths of the Internet, searching for ways to be for sure that she and I would move to France and spend the rest of our days happy, wearing berets, but to no avail. I instantly came to the conclusion that she doesn't like me, and that I was destined to be alone for all eternity.
I was depressed, but also glad that I had closure to that.
That all changed when it happened again.
It was a similar situation as the first, except this time I just smiled, and looked away, because my reputation at school is to be insincere, forever facetious. I wanted to reply, confessing all of my thoughts and hopes and dreams and anything else that came to mind (that sounds like a cliché, does it not?) to her, but I held my tongue. I repressed the feelings and got on with my day, pretending that it didn't mean anything to me, when it in fact meant everything.
Now that that's off my chest, I propose two questions: Does she even like me? The way I make it sound, she surely does, and as I'm the only one that I know of that she calls "cute," I'm thinking yes, but I could use an extra thousand opinions. No. 2: How would I even confront her? I'm very introverted, and an overanalyst.
She doesn't really talk to me about anything else than my alleged cuteness.

Well, I'm nearly positive that she's interested in me now. I've caught her staring at me multiple times just today, and I think she is also trying to gain my affection in certain subtle ways. Cool.
Another update! I talked to her, a solid 20min, just about general things. I was entranced, and it seems she was too. I was going to ask her out, when my friend comes out of nowhere and ruins it. I was freaking out, and said I had a question to ask her, and then was at a loss for words. I was just about so say something, and he pops out of nowhere. She just said to ask her on Monday, with a grin from ear-to-ear. I'm pretty sure she'll say yes.


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  • She finds you cute, which may ensue to a possibility that she may like you for your facial appearance.

    What kind of reciprocity would you like from her if she does like you back-- liking you for your appearance or liking you for your personality?

    I think you have to show her what you've got. By this, you'd leave introversion with the hopes of her getting to know you more than your "alleged cuteness."

    • I would be more content with her liking my personality than my facial features, or just appearance in general. This response makes sense, and it does renew me with a sense of bravery and vigor. It does make me feel more secure thinking that more than one person (I believe it's up to three, two of them female) think that I have a chance with her.
      By showing her what I've "got," you surely mean my utterly idiosyncratic and weakly bipolar personality, correct?

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    • Thank you for MHO :D

    • Any time. It really did help.

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  • Well maybe if it would make you feel better you could text her and ask her who she likes and see what she says from there, but from what you said it sounds like she might like you.

    • You see, I would, but I don't have a phone. Not really an option. I actually would have to talk to her, and that's kind of scary. I've psyched myself up before, only to let myself down. That is a great suggestion, though. Thanks. :)

    • If you don't want to talk to her then maybe you could get a friend or someone to ask her who she likes.

    • I know it sounds like I'm just making things up now, but I can't do that either. My friend (I really only have one, along with a few academic acquaintances) would not only not be willing to do that, but he would never really let me live it down. Like I said in my OP, I'm not really one to be known for emotion. I really do appreciate all of your effort, though.
      It's not that I don't want to talk to her, I do. It's just that there's always way too many people around, and I'm a very introverted person. I don't like to be watched doing anything, even the things I'm very good at, by anyone, save a few exclusives. If I were to find her alone, I would definitely ask her or talk to her or something. I just need more confirmation and possible ways to talk to her so I can formulate a clear and concise plan to communicate with her.
      Like I said, I do appreciate your trying to assist me.

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