Do you think these are bad signs?

My boyfriend and I have been together since May 2015, and its mostly long distance because I live 2 hours while I'm going to school. I'm in nursing school and will be graduating this May. I really want work in the ER, and the local hospital in the town I go to school has offered me a position in their ER (I would have to sign a 2 year contract though). I think this is a really good opportunity to get my foot in the door, the only thing holding me back would be that my boyfriend and friends/family live 2 hours away. I'm going to be 30 this summer, and I've asked my boyfriend if he wants to move in together after I graduate (we'll have been together for 2 years by then) and he really doesn't seem like he wants to. Being that I'm approaching 30, I'm ready to settle down and everything. Then tonight I asked him what he thought about me taking the job and he said "you're so indecisive. I don't really care." Do you think these are signs that he doesn't really see a future with me?


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  • No this does not bode well. You are finishing nursing school and have a great opportunity for a job and you are indecisive? Seems to me like he is resentful of your accomplishments and doesn't really care about you. Another guy would tell you to do what you need to do and would support you fully. If a guy was telling me this I would be very worried about the future of the relationship.

  • I think the real red flag is that he's not taking an interest in /your/ future or the the things you want and are interested in and passionate about. He should care about what you care about, and want you to succeed in what you're doing.