Does my friend like me back?

So I recently had a crush on my friend, and she ended up finding out. She was very surprised and shocked, she didn't say no. In fact, she has begun to be very different.

Last month I told her I had a crush on a different girl. I guess she was hurt because she has been ignoring me up until she heard I liked he. Now she's beginning to tease me more, talk to me more, and now she's beginning to playfully poke me now. But even after all this, she still says she's unsure how she feels. If it helps, I haven't admitted I actually liked her. My friend told her (even though I didn't want him to).

Would you say she likes me back?

  • Yes
  • No
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  • Yes she does, and my advice is to go for it because regret is a b****! Just ask her out to dinner or something so y'all can talk :)


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  • Confuse here you told her you had a crush on another girl then she was hurt and ignored you and your friend told her it was her and started teasing or your friend told her then you said it was another girl then she was hurt and started the teasing?

  • No-she doesn't

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