Should I stop pursuing him?

Long story short: I approached him after class a week ago and had a very short (and our first) conversation with him with most of the effort going on my part. I took his silence as him being shy.

I've seen him twice since then in the class we share together and he hasn't made any sort of advance at me or has said anything to me.

Should I just leave him alone?


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  • Yep. Ball's in his court. You made a move and it's up to him to respond! Hope he does 😊


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  • It's been two days. Just start small, like saying smiling at him and waving when you walk past him in school, or maybe even ask him short questions during class (but don't be too distracted, that's disrespectful to the teacher). Give it about another week or so, and if he still makes no advances, he isn't worth it. You'll find someone else. :)

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