Should I ask this girl out?

Back in 8th grade, I asked this girl out who I'd liked since the beginning of 7th grade. She bluntly, but very sweetly said no. (She apologized to me the next day for some reason.) Fast forward to later that year. I had suspicions that maybe she liked me. I told someone to ask her. (I know, I'm a wimp...) She said she didn't know. I later heard that her friends had been teasing her about me. Fast forward to this year. I asked her to homecoming. She said no, because she was already going with her friends. (And it wasn't JUST an excuse, because I had heard this was true prior.) One of her friends asked her if she would have gone with me if she hadn't already made plans. "I don't know," again. I told her she looked pretty at homecoming the Monday after, and she was very flattered. I'm just wondering, should I ask her on like an actual date, like to a movie or something?
I REALLY like her and simply can't give up on being with her. Every time I try, I just look at her cute face and get drawn back in. She's the sweetest, smartest, cutest girl I've ever met, and I'm totally, 100% convinced that there's no one on Earth that I will ever like as much as her. Being with her is the absolute only thing in life that I want right now. Should I ask her out on a date? Because I'm not giving up.


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  • Aw. This is really sweet and innocent. I hate to break it to you, though—that feeling that you'll never like anyone as much as you like her? It's false. You're young. You will meet new people. Plus, she already rejected you once, do you really want to be crushed again?
    That being said, if you really feel like you want to give it another try, asking her out can't hurt. If you really like her, show her, but if she rejects you again, respect her and try your hardest to move on.

  • If she isn't taking out time to spend quality alone time with you then she isn't a keeper. I would consider 50/50. But she probably might say no again, who knows?


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