I'm really confused about everything I'm doing rn.. please help?

I'm not usually a selfish person if I don't care about someone or something that much. I've been hooking up with a guy (just making out) every week whenever we see each other at school. I kissed him because was frustrated and it didn't mean anything at first, in fact, I actually like another guy and I really just kissed him to pass time. I usually don't do hook ups, it's been a year and half since sex or any physical contact. I was pretty sure I didn't care until I saw him with a classmate of mines then I got really jealous and had a breakdown. It was embarrassing. Is it possible to not be into someone yet be super jealous? Because I don't know if I like him, he's really cool to hang out with, but I really don't know him too well. What the fuck is up with my head rn?


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  • I think you might be starting to develop feelings for this guy. Your not doing nothing wrong by kissing him. Kissing him is way better then you doing a friend with benefits type of thing with him. Do what makes you happy and try not to get jealous when you seeing him hanging around other girl's. They might just be girl's he hang out with.


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