How to gain his trust again?

so me and my boyfrd argued about my past relationships and things that i have said, and which i regret saying them and apologized. i tried talking to him and he said i dontt care about him, and when i said i really do, he just said it was bullshit and have very low trust on me, however he ask me to give him some time to trust me again.
weeks later the relationship just went downhill. he started being distant.
how can i ever fix this? i really dont want to loose him :(


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  • I am sorry to say, you can never take back hurtful things you say to another person. You need to be carful, even during a fight, to never say anything just to hurt the other person.

    My ex wife did that during our fights and after a while, her sorry didn't matter. We don't even speak anymore.

    Be careful with the hearts that are entrusted to you. Once you break them you are unlikely to make them whole again.

  • well its too late. you said the stupid and hurtful things you said. now pay the consequences.
    i'm curious though to what you did and say.

    • wt i said wasn't the main part, wt i did with past relationships (no sex) triggered him

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  • Is he possessive?