Do all girls go for a rebound relationship/sex?

I know a girl, She just got out of a 4 year relationship.

She is very heartbroken.

She really doesn't seem the type to do casual sex and I think that was her one and only boyfriend.

She get's a lot of guys talking to her because she is pretty, but always turns all guys down.

She however is insecure and loves attention.

I know its easier for women to get sex and or relationships if they wanted...

I know when I was heartbroken... It was tempting, but I decided I really needed time to sort things out.

So I am wondering.

Do you think she will do casual sex or get into a rebound relationship?

Do all girls do this? or Not as many as I think?


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  • I would'nt go for a rebound relationship, but rebound sex doesn't seem like sucha bad idea. But I enjoy casual sex, even if it's not to get over a relationship. I think being heartbroken is not gonna force a girl who wouldn't normally go for casual sex to do so.

    • I don't think so either.

      What's a good way for an average inexperienced guy to get casual sex? Is it possible? I need to get my mind off her.

    • A party is probably the best idea

    • Where do I find these parties... Also I'm a introvert :(

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  • I wouldn't say all, but I do think it's common for girls to have a one night stands or fwbs after getting out of a relationship.

    • It hurts me because I love her, and she doesn't feel the same way... and she will be dating other guys maybe even sleeping with them

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  • In my experience most girls do need a rebound relationship to get over their last ex. Now NOT ALL women are like this. This is something that will depend on the girl and situation.

    • She's my friend, Iove her but she doesn't love me. It's just hard knowing she was with someone, and now will be dating and sleeping with guys... but not me :(

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    • Ok you just said you love her but she DOES NOT love you... Why are you wasting your time then?

    • Because I am just assuming she doesn't love me. I am 90% sure, plus she was in love with this other guy.

      I never could get a straight answer from her.

      I have the full story here, Feel free to answer if you have a minute:

      I feel so stressed out right now.

  • I have never done that. When I broke up from my last long relationship, it took me a couple of months before I started dating someone new. Also, I was completely over my ex when I decided to do that.

    • How long was the relationship?

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    • It was serious. Very serious. However, we argued a lot and it became quite tiring. Both of us got fed up with it.

      I persuaded myself that I was better off without him. And it was true.

    • That sucks, but I am really glad that you moved on to better things. :)

      I fell in love with this girl I am talking about... It has been over a year... I can't get over her... It's hard because we were never together... So I'm always thinking about what could have bin.

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