Who else had dated a manipulative person?

Please go ahead and share your experience.

I've dated at least 2 guys who were just jerks and they have this uncanny ability to lie about everything they're doing, they're selfish, not to mention not good looking and I am glad I'm not with them anymore.

Have you any experiences with guys like this or know one? I'm just saying this as more of a rant because I'm sure we may all have met a jerk who is two faced and tries to make himself look better in situations where he's the one who is to blame.

They're ok with lying about things and bothering people but they never look at themselves and change. Instead, they keep lying to other girls and other girls fall for them, repeated mistake. I hope karma kicks them in the ass and make them miserable for the rest of their life. Thoughts welcome on this topic. You can talk about how you realized someone you dated was manipulative and how you fixed it or left it.


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  • I dated a guy who tried to get me to fulfill some of his unsavoury sexual fantasies. Since he sensed I wasn't such type of girl, he tried to conceal his real goals and intentions. In short, he wanted me to have sex with his friend(s), while he watched.(I have learned since, that this type of thing is called "cuckoldry"). He'd never been honest with himself about it, so it was hard for him to be honest about it with me. Instead of talking to me about his fantasies as an adult, he chose manipulation as his means of living up his fantasies: first he introduced me to one of his friends, and then left me alone with that guy. (He had previously, I learned afterwards, promissed his friend he can "have" me). His friend tried to make out with me, but I wouldn't do it, as I was, paradoxically, in love with my boyfriend (yes, the guy who "promissed" me to his friend). He gave up, and the 3 of us ended up talking and watching TV, but I was very upset that this idiotic boyfriend of mine would want to share me with his friend, because obviously he would get off on seeing his Girlfriend f**ked by another man. (My boyfriend's "excuse" was that this guy wasn't impotent unlike my bf, so I would be able to have some good sex; that was BS; the Boyfriend wasn't impotent at all). He later appologized, never mentioned this friend again, but started accusing me of hooking up with some OTHER friends of his. I've never even seen those other guys. He would just say a sentence or two about his suspicions and just stop, leaving me hanging, in a need of explanation. Boy, that was so dirty/manipulative...pure passive aggressive. Imagine someone you care about tells you - "My friend told me those things about you". You have NO idea what he's talking about and ask: "Which friend?" He: "Doesn't matter". You: "What things?" He: "It doesn't matter. But I still love you so much..." Well f**k you idiot, (excuse my language), if you want a mature discussion that at least fill me in on what "charges" are being raised against me! Anyways, I broke up with him, and realise one of the reasons I was with him was my own insecurities. I suspect he has hidden homosexual urges, and that in itself I wouldn't have a problem with, to each his own, but it's that he tried to live his gay fantasies through me (by watching me have sex with his friends would be a way for him to have sexual contact with that male indirectly, though me) that's absolutely discusting to me.

    • I met a guy who was always into having sex but I denied him that and I'm grateful I don't give in too easily anymore to what a guy wants whether it's making out or of course sex. some guys are forever douche bags and don't seem to know what moral or how to live a honest and healthy lifestyle. it may be that he has a sexual addiction, I'm not sure but he might need to go to a therapist if his problems get out of hand like that. Once his actions hurt someone else, like yourself, that isn't a good

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  • Hello,

    LOL, I have a few storys, there was this girl I was dating, and things got pretty physical pretty fast, (thats why I tell guys to take things SLOW).. she kept telling me storys about other guys she had been with who cheated on her, hit her one raped her and one pushed her down stairs so she lost her baby. I knew I wasn't that kind of guy, I'm not even capable of thinking like that...

    after a month I told her I was starting to like her and she was happy about this. I dropped her at the buss station and on the way home she texted me saying she was scared and didn't know what she was doing anymore, I called her and she said it was going to fast..(yet she was the one who wanted it physical fast.. the irony)

    The next time we met she told me that she couldn't allow herself to get hurt again and so began 5 months of off and on,. her getting close, getting scared and running, and then coming back saying sorry and back to close again... now becouse she kept telling me her horror storys I kept second guessing my better judgement about my own well being in place of her comfort given her past with other guys

    now here's the best bit, 2 times in a row she was great with me, told me she felt ready and that she was sorry for what she did and she wanted and felt great she found me.. I was over the moon, my patients had payed off becouse she could trust me.. 2 weeks go by without seeing her, she invites me out for a drink with some freinds, she then gets off with another guy in front of me and as I left the night club her freind told me she has been seeing this new guy for the 2 weeks we had been apart. so in effect there were 3 guys in the picture that night. me the guy she was getting of with in front of me and this other guy who was waiting for her someware

    So what did a learn from this experiance, well, several things...

    1) I don't care what the womens experiance has been in the past with other guys, Raped, Hit, cheated on ect...when she says she scared of getting hurt... she's lieing to you and to herself. she is ready, just not for you.. so WALK AWAY and DONT GO BACK..

    2) This ties into number 1, when a girl tells you about there past, if she talks about how badly she has been treated by guys and you feel what she has been through is pretty dam rough, DONT GET INVOLVED... everyone has scars but if she has to many, all she will do is give you one... she needs professional help not a relationship.. (its harsh but true)

    in conclusion, using your past horror stories on a new person is a form of manipulation, no stable decent person wants to cause harm to someone there dating so by telling them you will only put emotional preasure onto them to acomadate you... like I said, if you meet these people, don't get involed..


    • Well you have good points but let's say if she needs the help and you totally don't help her...isn't that against being a genuinely good person? I mean, if she needs just someone who is emotionally mature or understanding, you don't have to do much. I understand that's always the case. yes most guys....lay off and don't get involved...but I feel if the issue at hand is minor, then he can get involved and help a little , it sounds better than none at all.

    • Hello,

      in the end everyone is responsible for there emotional well being, its just a fact of life, those who are unable to do this need to be councled (spelling) by a professional, someone who can remain objective and has experiance in dealing with those matters.. now your partner isn't the right person for this, why.. becouse a partner by just being there carrys an emotional responsible, and as previously stated there not able to deal with this..

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  • a lot of guys are manipulative hon, you just got to pick and choose.