Is he flirting?

Since my recent questions, my crush and I have hit it off. Yesterday out of the blue he says something alone the lines of "Want to Netflix and chill?" We had a good laugh about it. At first, he seemed serious and I think realized what he had done and was embarrassed, and tried to play it off. Was he just being funny/teasing? Is he just trying to see how I would react? Did he mean it? What do you think?


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  • Yes, he's flirting with you.


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  • Well umm your under 18, I sure hope he was kidding. And I have friends like that who are guys who like other guys but are super dirty. He could be trying to hide the awkwardness. Sorry so that is not a definite yes :)

    • lol yeah I think he was just toying with me

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    • lol it's never that simple.

    • Yesterday I told my crush I liked him (on text). It was pre simple. Try texting, it's easier