Being looked down upon due to stating single?

Last two relationships affected me badly. Both cheated and moved on quickly. I was left with the burden of it all. So now I've taken the time to stay single and take care of me. I don't go out as much either. Just work, school, gym and the occasional traveling.

Yet I get made out to be a hermit cause I rather not date for a while and meet new people. Anyone else feel like this?


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  • I've been single for 6 years now. Went almost 2 years without a lover.

    Nothing wrong with it.

    You do you!

    It's really tough at this age because most of our friends and family are IN relationships and they don't understand that even on a subconscious level just seeing or being around that hurts.

    • I dont think having lovers is a good way to not become unsingle. If you actually wanted a relationship you number of years single should match that of being sexless. I dont see how women want both worlds.

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    • Thanks for the MHO!

    • so he died?

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  • Dating as it was once upon a time is dying---


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  • that is so wrong...

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