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So this girl and I have been talking for 2 1/2 years. It's been great and we both got the feels for one another big time. However she lives in Michigan and I'm in Texas so obviously we understand an ldr wouldn't be fair to both of us. We both get that distance at the moment is an issue but are working towards finally meeting in person. The other issue is that because of the distance we obviously have lives closer to home. Both of us have been in relationships and she is currently in one. I don't think there's a lot of effort by the guy cuz I never see her doing anything with him lol. Another issue is money. Both of us live pay check to pay check. I'm a bit better off than her so I'll have the money soon to go see her. Could it work meeting up while she's in a relationship or should I wait it out?

So looks like they're officially done have to wait and find out a little more as we talk


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  • If you want to meet her to have a relationship with her don't. Don't make her worry about who to choose, it's a lot of stress on her, wait until she's single

  • i honestly think itll be hard but you can


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