Girls, would you think I was joking?

It's all my fault, I know. But last month I hurt my friend really badly, emotionally. I think she had a crush on me but I told her I liked someone else (she never told me she liked me, she just stopped being her normal self to me). She began to ignore me suddenly, stopped teasing me, and whenever she talked to me it was a very shy, submissive voice, and she playfully poked me. But she never really teased me as much as she did last year.

So anyways, for the last 3 weeks, I could feel my feelings developing for her, and I thought about telling her but I decided not to. Instead, without my permission, my friends did it for me. They said she sounded amazed that I even liked her, but she didn't say no, fortunately. So yesterday, she confronted me about it. I told her I didn't know I felt about her, and she told me to let her know when I do.

Now she's ignoring me just like she was when I told her I liked someone else. I'm not sure the reason why, but I pretty sure it has to do with the fact that I haven't told her I actually liked her, and that she probably thinks I'm joking.

Girls, if you were in this situation, would you think I'm joking?

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  • I put yes but I would have put other if it was an option. She's not as friendly cause yes, you hurt her feeling when you liked someone else.
    Are you SURE you like her or is this just because she is ignoring you now? Like really really sure before you have the potential to crush her heart.
    Fact of the matter is she confronted you about it cause she wanted it to be yes. But you said "I don't know" which is honestly the worst thing you could say 😂 Obviously you know but you were nervous! She's acting like that again because now you have rejected her a second time.
    Go freaking ask her out pronto... like as in yesterday ask her out ☺️

    • Hey, thanks for the reply. But I have another question. Every time she asks me if I like her, it's in a very sarcastic tone and it seems like she's making a big joke out of it. I find it very hard to tell if she's being serious because the last thing I need is her making fun of me. She's pretty social, extroverted, and she talks quite loud. Me, I'm just quiet and quite introverted.

      Are all extroverted girls like this? Talk in a sarcastic tone to the person who likes them? Because she did that today. She walked up to me with her friends and just asked me out of the blue "Do you like me?" in this really, sarcastic tone and she began laughing as she said it. It almost made me feel like she was making fun of me.

      Do you think she was?

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    • If she's insecure talking to me, why is it that when she tells her friends she says it really loudly and in a comedic sense? My friend told me she says it like that. And I'm not even around when she does that.

      Is it a way to mask that she's hurt because I said "I don't know?"

    • Like I said, its a nervous tick that some people have. She feels really insecure about the whole thing. You said 'I don't know' so now she is laying the 'I don't care' card to mask the fact she is really insecure about it.
      You need to talk about it separate from a group of people. You need to let her know how you feel. It can go either way from this point, she may feel so rejected she says no. But this back and forth thing CAN'T go on. It will create more drama in your group of friends.

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  • Yes. I would actually never speak to you again. But that's just me tho, I'm quick to cut people out of my life.

  • I wouldn't think you were joking.
    But you didn't confirm that you like her when she confronted you about it.
    She told you to let her know when you do
    She basically telling you to come to her when you can man up and admit that you like her. She obviously went back to where she was before and ignoring you because nothing has changed. Unless you confess, she still going to ignore you.
    Obviously she still likes you otherwise she wouldn't have told you to 'let her know' and went back to 'ignoring mode'. So just talk to her. tell her you like her that will make her day.