Why is she so distant now?

I met a girl in drama class and we clicked instantly. She is bisexual and has a boyfriend. She was always really flirty with me through kik. We got along very well for about a month. She then started sexting me one night and I played along just for the hell of it. We scheduled to hook up in the bathroom on Monday. That weekend after the sexting, I couldn't get a hold of her. I confessed I was sexually attracted to her but she said she can never cheat on her boyfriend because she loves him. I'm so confused because she admitted the same thing a few times to me before. After that things went died down, she started ignoring me and acting dry in class. I confronted her several times but she keeps stating that everything is fine. After a 2 weeks of being increasingly distant, she took down our picture, unfollowed, and blocked me on instagram. Well I confronted her about it and again she made up an excuse but claims to not have the time to press the follow button. I just want to be friends like before the dam sexting and confession took place.

- I'm a girl by the way


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  • Umm, she already cheated on him by sexting you. I don't understand why people think it's morally right to do such things while they are in serious relationships.
    Anyway, I think you should forget about her.