If you liked a girl, would you ever bring up her flaws (like weight or bedroom things)?

It's a pretty stupid thing to tell a potential person you're interested in that you think they are heavier than what you'd want.

Mind you, I am short, but I wear a size 8 (sometimes 6). I have a rather curvy frame. I'm a little thicker than normal, but I have struggled with my weight, and I even told him that I am constantly working on losing weight.

He even told me he liked thicker girls.

Would you decide to continue to date this person, even though they flat out told you of your flaws?


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  • Uh, you sound pretty sexy... in my opinion. I would NEVER bring up my woman's weight. If she brought it up I would reassure her, or encourage her, depending on what I felt she needed.

    The bedroom thing... yes. You have to work through those and both partners need to be happy. Communication is important in that regard.

    • EXACTLY! You never bring up her weight, ever. I told him in the beginning that weight is a problem for me, but I am going to continuously work on myself.

      I have no problems correcting things in the bedroom. It was our first time doing anything sexual, so it's not like I knew anything about what he liked.

      And thanks, by the way ;)

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    • I'm heading to bed... But my short answer is ditch him. He clearly isn't going to accept you as you are. Then when you find a guy that will love you and appreciate your sexiness and the things you do for him you won't even give this jerk another thought.

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  • Lol this guy who I know has a huge crush on me always comments on when I have zits on my face.

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