Why do Guys randomly stop texting a girl?

I went on a nice date with a guy. we have been texting consistently about future plans and what we would like to do. It has been a little less than a week since he has answered me. I'm trying to keep my cool girl vibe and not keep texting him.


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  • Who texted last? If I texted last and she doesn't text back I might just delete her, or send a message a few days later saying something like "what? you don't like me anymore?"

    Sometimes a conversation will end in a way that it doesn't feel like one person has something to respond to. And you both sit there expecting the other to text first, and since people are so stupid they think the other person has to text first otherwise you will sound too desperate. At some point you just have to do it or delete them.

    • I ended it in a question like how was your weekend with your family?

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  • 'Since he has answered me'- I guess you texted last?

    Why don't you text him? He could be waiting for you to contact him first.


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  • Because we get bored.

  • because girls stop contacting also. and guys easily take that as rejection. guys can take hints easier, because its obvious and girls lose interest easy too. so perhaps if you girls quit with the acting distant "cool girl" routine and show us you want us, than we guys will open up faster.

    • I was the last one to reply twice to him

    • oh, and it also depends on what you text him, maybe he wants you to pick a place, or he doesn't know what he's doing to pick a time, or he's a jerk.

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