When is it ok to ask a guy you have been seeing to be facebook friends? (We met on tinder by the way.)?

I've been on at least 8 dates and we have been seeing each other for a month. We are not exclusive and have not had that conversation yet.


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  • I think you're way past "ok". If you want to be his Facebook friend, he should add you. I mean, the nanny is my Facebook friend so the status of being one's Facebook friend is clearly meaningless. If he objects, then I'd be wary of this guy. I'd also be wary if he accepts and you find that he's put you in some category where you can't see any of his stuff.

    • Yeah so I guess adding him wouldn't matter too much. We do not have any facebook friends in common and he has a setting (like I do) that unless you have friends in common you can add them as a friend. I can't even add him

    • Also nothing is public on his FB except his picture. He's has 1 yr left in his residency program so that could possibly be why

    • Having nothing public isn't a big deal, but when he adds you (this should be a "when" not an "if"), you should be able to see everything as that's the default. If he has you in some sort of jail where you can't see his friends, his posts, his details, etc. then I wouldn't trust this guy.

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  • Do you want to be exclusive with him?

    • Kind of

    • When is it appropriate to have the exclusive convo? He still has a tinder account and so do I.

    • I've also was just out of a 3.5 yr relationship that ended about 4 months ago and I am new to the dating game. I took a long hiatus I'm out of the loop lol