22 and never had an actual girlfriend... how can I find that one pretty girl who has never had her first love?

I have never had an actual girlfriend other than an awkward pseudorelationship that lasted a week. And she turned out to be a lesbian. For real.

But it hurts me to know a girl has had her first love, especially when she was a teen at the time.


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  • You have to keep looking and pursuing. But don't be desperate either. You know what you want and need in a person. But you won't find that at no bar or club. Go hangout at the park or public place somewhere. Do other things than just seeking out a girlfriend. Make sure you have other goals, like marriage, kids, a dream, things like that and pursue them the best way you can. Never sell out pipe dreams, or else you will get her hopes up and is leading her on.


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  • Don't worry about it toooo much. I'm my boyfriends first girlfriend and he was 22 as well actually. He had never even held a girl's hand before! I don't know it just made me think he was more adorable and I was excited to be the first etc. If anything, it's a good conversation starter with a crush at times, about how you've never done x and such, you'd be surprised (:

    • I rather be a girl's first love.

      I have held a girl's hand and even had sex, but this one girl whom we lost our virginities to each other, she didn't want a relationship with me. And this other girl I was with for a week turned out to be lesbian

    • Yeah but that's just your way of thinking, it doesn't really matter in life who has fallen in love first in a relationship. And that's okay, screw that girl, you'll find someone way better :) you're only 22! I have tons of guy friends who are single at 27+ but confident as ever and I know they won't be lonely forever.

  • Ahh that's so sad, it Dosent matter when you get your first girlfriend


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