Wtf My friend talks shit about people and pretend that she likes them face to face?

Im so fucking sick and tired of My ex best friend, she talks shit about someome and then post "habby bday to My most amazing friend" on instagram? What the fuck? Im so mad at her i wanna scream at her. What should i do guys



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  • She's what professionals would call "a cunt" or in polite company "a shitty artificial human being" or out in short "a fake ass bitch".

    *not misogynistic*

    • *remove the out there , brain fart it's like 2AM here*

    • *fuck it I give up. I can't words*

    • To answer what you should do. Nothing. Cut her out of your life and be done with it. Not worth your time. Not worth your energy. Focus on positive things.

  • Nothing... why waste your time and energy on something that isn't worth it


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  • ... My ex best friend...
    Which is Why she is now An... Ex.
    Fair Weather Friend to the End, which you Found out. And anyone Else who will Eventually Follow in your Footsteps, will See her for what she Really is.
    No matter Who, Friend or even Family, the Truth comes Out In the End, my Friend.
    Good luck and Chill now. xx