Girls, what kind of first impression do you prefer?

Like when u meet a guy randomnly during clubbing or any time possible, and lets say u strike up the convo
What kinda attracts u more;
1) a guy who seems shy and abit drawn back
2) a guy who is very open,"charismatic" and feels as if u have known him longer
3) a calm guy, who isn't that extravert just balanced
4) some macho being straight to the face
5) nr2 who is straight to the face


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  • Its always #2 for me

    • why so :)

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    • Just someone who is a good conversation starter. Once I am comfortable I am talkative but getting to that point usually takes a while.

    • i think for most people that takes awhile :p

  • 3 :)

    • doesn't that get boring? that neutral life

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    • haha ok, there's something true about that. I am an introvert and a little bit shy at the beginning but when I feel that I'm starting to like someone and this person has similar hobbies etc. I talk a lot! 😀

    • if i were cupido, it would be nr2 or plain nr4 :P

  • Between one and two