Why does he never text me first?

I recently spent a weekend with one of my guy friends, but ended up spending more time with one of his roommates. I felt we got pretty close. He worked lots but spent all the time he had off with me. There were a few subtle signs that I noticed that lead me to believe he may be interested. He’d always make sure he’d give me a hug before he went to work, he’d break conversations off with my friend and start talking to me, he’d hold eye contact with me and we spent hours sitting and talking with each other, he’d be driving and he’d always look in the rear view mirror at me and would mock me or make jokes about me in a flirty way. I’m younger than him and also don’t live in the same town so I’m afraid this might be a deal breaker.

I really like this guy but I'm not sure if he likes me back. He added me on Facebook and asked for my number. I've text him a few times and he seems really excited to talk to me each time I do and says he really enjoys talking to me.

The only thing that I’m unsure about is that he’ll never text me first. I’d understand if I knew he was busy but there's times he’s on Facebook the same time as me and he won’t say a word to me.

I’m a girl that hates chasing a boy, I’m too afraid of rejection that if I’m not receiving anything back I’m likely to back down.

I’m not sure if he feels the same way as me so that’s why he won’t text me first, or is he just really not interested?

Please help!

I just straight up told him that I liked him which was a good move on my part. He said it was really attractive that I could just tell him how I felt. I'm glad I took that step out of my comfort zone and just said how I felt


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  • I think the fact that he brought you on a vacation, or trip, or whatever you like to call it with him speaks for itself. That's definately a major sign. He probably wanted a lot of alone time with you since you live in different towns, so he thought he'd invite you along. If he wasn't interested, he probably wouldn't bring a girl that he's "Just friends" with with him. As for the texting, men are weird. Like you said, maybe he's having busy days and as for Facebook he might just be checking if he has any notifications then logging. I wouldn't sweat it, he might just not like texting you first or maybe he is still unsure of his feels towards so he's trying to keep it sorta friendly so you can both save a little face if it gets awkward. I am wondering if he calls you at all, because that definately cancels out the texting arguement.


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