My boyfriend of 2 years and I live together. I made friends with a male neighbor not too long ago (who has met my bf). My boyfriend is leaving for a week for work... My neighbor asked me out for coffee and said "I want to get to know you better and talk". I responded with "ok", and since then he stopped talking to me. WHY?


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  • Maybe you should tell him to start using moisturizer


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  • BAD idea. Don't go on mini dates with you male neighbor who wants to get to know you better when your boyfriend is not around very shady. And why are you mad that he flaked? Who cares unless you want him?

    • I don't understand why he would ask to get to know me better and then just stop talking to me. What is the point of reaching out?

    • His intentions are BAD. Believe me you're better off that he stopped reaching out. He probably wanted to get in your pants while your boyfriend is away. Respect yourself and your boyfriend. He's not worth it.

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  • 1. Why are you doing this at all?

    2. Why are you doing this when your boyfriend will be away?

    3. Maybe the guy did not initially realize but later discovered that you live with your boyfriend.

    • 1. I would like to have some friends in my building

      2. I thought it would be a good opportunity to pass some time

      3. My boyfriend made him aware that we live together

    • It should not have been necessary for your boyfriend to explain that you two live together. You should have said that the moment he began to act interested in you. Perhaps there are facts you haven't shared which cast this in a better light, but if I was your boyfriend, this behavior would have me concerned.

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