How do I get a girl to fall for me?


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  • How to be attractive
    1. Brush your teeth and floss
    2. Cut your hair and shave
    3. Shower everyday
    4. Smell good
    5. Always smile and tell jokes and be funny
    6. Be confident but not cocky
    7. Show financial responsibility
    8. Always wear clean clothes and find out which style looks best on you. Take a freind girl shopping with you


Most Helpful Guy

  • I had this happen to me, she literally fell on me cuz the joke I made of an already funny situation was too much for her. Her stomach was hurting and I was feeling weird as to how laughter made her experience physical pain and fall over me.

    Get her to laugh, but dont make a joke of yourself. Be smart and witty. Dont be a clown.


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  • Just be you and if she falls for you, she falls for you. There's no magic code.


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