What are the main 5 things a girl wants in a guy?

Since 8th grade, I've had this crush on this girl I like and I continued to have a crush on her through high school and still do today. He over I could never get her attention. So what are the 5 things tht i can do to get her attention the next I see her?

What are the 5 main things a woman look for in a man?


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  • I think you will get a lot of answer like kindess, humor , loyalty... that kind of stuff from girls. And while all of that is true, I think guys who are having trouble are not necessarily having trouble being kind or loyal. They have trouble bringing that point across in a short conversation or a date.
    Realistically I think initially girls are looking for 3 things

    - physical attraction
    - someone they enjoy spending time with
    - someone they feel safe with

    Physical attraction needs not commentary.
    Someone they enjoy spending time with, sounds obvious but really that's what people mean when they say humor or bright personality. It's not that they want you to do a comedy piece, they just want to enjoy themselves while with you. Do something fun on your date, have some interesting stories perpared that you can tell her, ask good, fun questions about her hobbies
    And then someone they feel safe with, that's where things like loyalty come in. But realistically you can't get the fact that you're loyal as a dog across in a short conversation. It's really more about feeling safe with you. It's cold outside, offer her your jacket, make decision on where to go and what to do, suggest things to get to eat or drink, take her hand when you're in a busy place, walk her home...

    • Reflecting on this, It's all so ironic after all. Realistically what I tend to see is during all this young butterfly stage of life when you initially know to each other it's like you need to drive her to everything, go after her most of the time to show you care about her and it's you who initiates all of the contact, decide on everything about both to hang around and make sure it's fun.
      Because apparently men have to make relationship funny, and girls waiting for it. Welcome to the bullshit and ironic dating world and early stage of relationship when apparently at first men have to bring it all to convince her to get her. And once it comes marriage and baby time, after all the butterfly and passive stage has gone (NO commitment after all), women seemingly happen to love having power over their husband and take control of whatever whenever. 'We need to do this, we need to do that, we're going to wherever remember?' Such a metamorphosis, women happen to want to take over.

    • @whiner_clam well whine all you want, those are small gestures, not big chores and we used to teach them as good manners. And I suppose by the end of the day, guys who find dating and getting girls easy, have those kind of mannerism naturally

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  • Care, Mature, Love, Trust, Ambitiousness


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  • 1. Confidence
    2. Intelligence ( i don't mean like be good at math or stuff like that, simply smart and not foolish, stupid)
    3. Honesty
    4. Kindness
    5. Hate this one, but yeah looks and how one carry himself also plays a role. (could be related to the 1st point)
    I know girls fall for guys that somehow outshine confidence and aren't that shy, myself I love that about guy someone who approaches you and knows what he is doing. Things that I find unattractive are such as frat-boy's that act like 15 year olds and brag about chicks with their "bros" stuff like that are really unattractive and could really burn bridges, a guy like that approached me not so long ago but because I knew of his history" I didn't want to give it a shot. Maybe a stupid things, because he might be all different when one tries to get to know him, but my point is that approach her and be a gentleman, funny and charming. I'm sure she'll give you a chance. Good luck :)

  • Talk to her, be confident, be charming, good grooming, be a gentleman, be fun.

  • Attractiveness
    Intelligence and education
    Traditional values on marriage and a big family
    Money and good job prospects

    I am giving my opinion. Many girls will disagree with me but these are my criteria.

  • - Intellect
    - looks
    - active/healthy lifestyle
    - (similar) humour/charisma
    - similar mindset (on big topics)

  • Kindness, respect, a similar sense of humor to mine, patience, and having something he's deeply interested in and invested again because I'm very passionate about dance and I relate better to people who have devoted themselves, so to speak, to something they're interested in the way I have.

  • 1. Confidence
    2. Personality
    3. Loyalty
    4. Respect
    6. Attractive

  • intelligence, sense of humor, good hygeine, goals in life and of course she'll need to find you at least somewhat attractive (but thats if youve got the other things, thats the least of the needs)

  • big dick size
    alpha attitude
    good pecs
    nice balls
    amazing biceps to carry her to the bedroom with

  • Why don't you just go for it already, by being yourself?

    • My list always changes... the only way I can describe the future partner I want is...

      I want someone I can fall asleep with in a lazyboy, with the tv on every night...

      Someone when we have sex, I know wouldn't want anybody else but me in the whole world.

      Someone who makes me laugh everyday.

      Who challenges me to become a better person, and knows how to handle me.

      Who adores children...

      Someone who's my best friend...

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    • Honestly, I am a completely different person underneath. It's not because I hide thingsβ€”it's because I am very complex... She might not be what you think...

    • I'm just attracted by her looks. Her personality and the fact she's confident is why I'm attracted to her

  • 1. Respectful/Kind
    2. Funny
    3. Loyal/Honest
    4. Good head on his shoulders
    5. Confident at least a bit of it anyways but not over the top big ego type of thing I want him to still be humble

  • 1. Similar values
    2. Honesty and Companionship
    3. Funny
    4. Pays attention to her/gives her attention
    5. Decent looking

  • Trust me there is no list. Nobody is perfect and looking for prince charming is a waste of time. The problem nowadays is that nobody is real. Be you!! Ask her out, not on a date just a casual walk as friends. If you think this girl is worth it then tell her how you feel. But if you think this girl is only going to like you if you become the person on your list then I don't think she's worth it.

    • I think she's worth it

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    • I'll try to tell her, the next time I see her.

    • could you please help with my question?

  • someone i can trust
    someone who reasure me
    don't like me for my physic
    someone where I'm comfortable with him
    someone who don't said bad things about me

  • Loyalty
    Someone who can believe in me
    Good personality
    Good looks, too. 😎

  • Be yourself. If she wants anything else she's not worth it

  • I look for humor, chillness, athletic, attractive, and caring/kind

  • loyalty
    sense of humour-wit
    education - be an interesting person to talk to
    defined life position-stable
    good looks-cares about his health

  • nice job; decent looking; cares about her; funny; good dick

  • 1. Confident
    2. Good career
    3. Attractive - tall
    4. Gentleman and caring


    • See thw "tall" is a problem bc the girk I like and I are short when it comes to height

    • I'm 5ft 9 so height is important to me, but I'm sure this won't be an issue for most people 😊

    • The girl I like is 5ft 4 and I'm 5ft 7. So yea I hope height is tht important to her

  • 1. Money, money, money
    2. Must be funny
    In the rich man's world
    Money, money, money
    Always sunny
    In the rich man's world
    All the things I could do
    If I had a little money
    It's a rich man's world


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  • 1. Money
    2. Money
    3. Money
    4. Money
    5. Money


  • Money
    Social Status
    Attractive face and body