My gf's sudden change?

My girlfriend and I get on really well... at least I thiught. We talk a lot on messenger if we aren't together. She would carry conversation, ask questions etc etc. That was until a few days ago when all of a sudden she changed like a switch. Her replies ok ages and they were one worded and not continuing. I carried, on as normal until I started to think it may be me... that I have done something. she said she's just having a rough time... nothing more..
I told her I was worried about her and I'm wondering if I had done or said something to upset her. She said no...
The one words and short replies had continued... I carried on as normal as much as it was bothering I tried to keep upbeat and carried the conversations as normal. Then out of the blue she asks to tell me something... I then think she's breaking up with me. After three hours she replies again and apologies to me for being untalkative and she is sorry that she made, it look like I had done soemthing wrong and that I shouldn't worry that she is going off me... she said sorry for the way she has been the last few days. But no real explanation. Anyway, I told it's fine, as long as I haven't done something. She apsaid I have done nothing wrong and she would tell, me if I had...
She is still answering in one word replies, and generally being distant.
I don't know what to think?


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  • Something has probably happened... I don't think that you've done anything though. I think that whatever it is she's trying her best not to be dramatic about it and is trying to keep you from it. It seems like she has an issue and is trying to solve it herself. It also seems like she might be a bit depressed and hurt... Often when people are hurt they distance themselves from the people that they care about to give themselves time to heal for a bit. It's perfectly normal so you shouldn't worry too much! She seems like she has everything under control. Just let her know that you're always there for her if she needs you to vent or anything like that. Remind her that you're dating her because you love her and are there to support her. She might not reply to this with a lot, but it'll mean a great deal to her! She's going to be okay, so don't worry about her too much, just wait for her to heal herself and let her know that you'll always be with her. :)

    • I dont know.. she replies but doesn't ask me questions and just seems to carry on the convo with me carrying it..
      Im starting to get bored of it now... when we saw eachother yesterday she was cuddly and touching my leg and leaning against me etc...
      She also said in a text i shouldn't think she going off me but her replirs make me think otherwise :(

    • Hmm yeah it could just be that she's a bad texter 😔 Or maybe she's just a naturally flirty person

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  • I'd say just give her time. It's evident that it's not your fault so just be supportive and giver her time to work out whatever is going on in her life. Don't press for info let her come to you, just tell her how much your care and that you're always there if she needs to talk.

    • I've told her im worried about her abd im here to talk, it seems our conversations have died, we met yesterday and she will cuddling up to me, hand on my leg, leaning against me etc...
      She wouldn't do that if she lost interest?

  • she's cheating, she's pregnant, she's leaving you... All that comes to mind.

    • What do i do?

    • What's weird is she's avoiding you but also has something to tell you. So it's either 1. She's pregnant and worried to tell you. 2. She's distancing herself, because she wants to break up with you. Or 3. She's cheating and just going to spill the beans. Hard telling I don't know her. Also could be she's moving, going away for school. Anything other then those 3 things I wouldn't know. What changed in the passed week or two? Could you of got her pregnant? Could she be moving? Could she be cheating?

    • How long have you been together? Ask her what she needs to tell you.

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  • Leave her.

    • Break up you mean?

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    • She's disrespecting by acting like this so she'll be sorry when you dump her!

    • @TaureanBull81
      Yes, its just i dont know what to think whether its me or something else. I told her im here for her, if she needs to talk.. she said i know you are
      I asked how her days been and all i get is 'okay'

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